Jenny Hill is a choreographer living in London

Her choreographic practice is much about the interplay of choreography and the practice of improvisation, how they work together in terms of making material, crafting and performance.

For 5 years she was part of the Stranger than Fiction collective based in London curating monthly improvisation events where artists in the field of dance, music, theatre and film with a strong improvisatory element to the making of their work were invited to perform. These events were first held in Islington, and later for 2 years in partnership with Independent Dance at the Siobhan Davies studios.

Jenny trained in dance at the Laban Centre, and De Montfort University, and later at the University of Roehampton. Having completed an M(res) at Roehampton University, Jenny has distilled ways of working, which includes her practice of the Feldenkrais Method to source movement from the body that is body refined and articulate. She holds a PGCE in dance from Exeter University and taught GCSE and A level dance in schools and colleges for 5 years.

She completed the 4 year practitioner training in the Feldenkrais method and currently practices in London.  Based on her own personal experience she is interested in the beneficial impact of the Feldenkrais method for dancers both in terms of technique, injury prevention, reduction of stress, and the heightening of attention and awareness in movement.

About Jenny, things that seem important to me!

A memory as a child watching physical theatre in the street, it left a mark

training in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre and De Montfort University

defining interests, influences and ways of working over 20 years

synthesising and always questioning my practice of improvisation and how it relates to choreographing

working alone in a studio in remote places

establishing an outside movement practice at a particular moment in my life in New Zealand

learning to trust the process!

collaborating with other artists

questioning who I am and why I’m here

studying martial arts and the Feldenkrais method as another ‘way in’ to the body


training in Japanese Butoh,  a feeling sensibility

completing an M(Res) at the University of Roehampton

working with Rosemary Butcher in the Critical Pathways format, and appreciating her ability to ask vital questions of artists

the mind/body/feeling connection

how we communicate

the unheard voice