I believe it is possible to create a wordless visual movement theatre where questions of who we are as human beings, existing in a complex world can be partially revealed or explored through the medium of choreography, movement and dance.

Questions as I start to work are:

What might the body hold as memories, feelings, propositions, and journeys?

How might that be communicated in a way that has meaning for an audience?

How can physical skill and technique illuminate a depth of feeling that might be quiet and disturbing, questioning, provocative and restless, and which doesn’t rely on the spectacular to entertain?

When I work with groups there is always a strong sense of collaboration

listening and observing the dancers material

paying attention to ideas and images and simultaneously holding the question of the making/composing/direction of the work there is always a delicate interplay between what is taking place inside the dancer, the material that emerges and how the work is being constructed

My physical practice draws on training in Contemporary Dance, Marital Arts, the Feldenkrais Method and Butoh Dance Theatre.